• Sharif Street.


    Candidate for State Senate representing the 3rd senatorial district.


  • Standing up for our rights.

    Standing up for our rights.

    Sharif Street will fight to create jobs, fund our public schools, and provide second chances to those who need a hand up.



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    The Friends of Sharif Street
    cordially invites you
    to a fundraiser
    in support of

    Democratic Chair of Banking and Insurance, Member of Appropriations Committee
    Wednesday, December 27
    VIP Reception
    5:30 -6 pm
    Main Event
    6pm - 7pm

    Hyatt at Bellevue
    200 South Broad St., suite 410
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Host $5000
    Sponsor $1000
    VIP $500
    Supporter $250
    Friend $100

    Please make checks payable to
    Friends of Sharif Street
    1421 Susquehanna Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19121

    RSVP to Derrick Jackson, Treasurer
    (215) 235-3737 or

    Under Pennsylvania law, we cannot accept corporate checks.


Funding our public schools.

Sharif understands that we cannot raise our families without access to quality education. As State Senator, Sharif will fight to restore charter school reimbursement funding and supporting fair funding for our public schools that doesn't depend on the value of the homes in your neighborhood.
Funding our public schools.


Philadelphia needs a leader in Harrisburg who will fight to fund our public schools..

Creating jobs in our communities.

If we want to uplift our communities, we must have access to jobs with decent wages. Sharif will work with developers and unions to bring a fair share of construction jobs for neighborhood residents while we upgrade housing and build beautiful communities without gentrification and “pricing out” longtime community residents.
Creating jobs in our communities.


Sharif will work with labor and the business community to bring jobs to our neighborhoods.

Providing second chances.

If you paid the price and have lived a good life, you deserve a fair shot at a job. As State Senator, Sharif will work to eliminate the lifetime ban on employment for returning citizens and expand the number of offenses eligible to be expunged.
Providing second chances.


Sharif will make sure that everyone has an opportunity to be productive members of our community.

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